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University of South Florida:
Center for Assistive rehabilitation robotics technology (CARRT)
Michael Coovert (Department of Psychology)
Adam Anderson (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Rich Gitlin (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Sang-Hie Lee (School of Music)
Rajiv Dubey (CARRT, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Redwan Alqasemi (CARRT, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Jaime Sanchez, M.D. (USF Health and Tampa General Hospital)
Alexander Rosemurgy, M.D. (USF Health and Tampa General Hospital)
Sharona Ross, M.D. (USF Health and Tampa General Hospital)
Thomas McCaffrey, M.D. (Moffitt Cancer Center)

University of Utah:
John Hollerbach (School of Computing)
Steve Mascaro (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

University of Minnesota:
Martha Flanders (Department of Neuroscience)
John F. Soechting (Department of Neuroscience)

Tsinghua University:
Linmi Tao (Department of Computer Science and Technology)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering • 4202 E. Fowler Ave • Tampa, FL 33620 • (813)974-7508
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