Competition Format and Rules:

Setup Instructions  

The competition has three tracks: service robot track, manufacturing track, and logistics track. Teams can participate in one, two, or three tracks because they will be carried out at different times. In all tracks, a complete robotic system should be used. All tasks should be performed autonomously without any human input. Teleoperation is NOT allowed.

Service Robot Track:
Ten example tasks, their setups, and competition rules are provided with detail >>HERE<<. Each team has 60 minutes to gain as many points as possible. Some of these example tasks will be performed during the competition. More tasks will be released after the registration day. All ten tasks in the competition will be released two days before the competition day. The competition setups will be accessible one day before the competition.

Manufacturing Track:
There will be two manufacturing sub-tasks in the competition, disassembly and assembly. An overview of these two sub-tasks can be found >>HERE<<. Prospective teams should prepare the three task boards and parts found >>HERE<< to help design their system and demonstrate capabilities for competition qualifications. A pre-competition task board design will be made available for selected teams to continue development of their systems leading up to the competition. Competition task boards with new layouts (very similar to the pre-competition task board) and new parts (identical to all parts used in practice), will be supplied on the day of the event. Please visit the IROS 2019 Manufacturing Track website for more details and updates.

Logistics Track:
Robotic goods-picking from a bin is a critical technology that can be used in many sections of logistics processes. Therefore, this track focuses on bin-picking with e-commerce goods. The bin-picking task is to pick 100 items one at a time from a bin, scan it and put it into one of the two receiving bins based on the instruction from the bar code scanner. An overview of the logistics track is at >>HERE<<. Pictures of exmple items are at >>HERE<<. The sample barcode file is at >>HERE<< (please remove the first line).

You can contact our official forwarder for the arrangement and transporting your robots and equipment.

Official Forwarder: Victor Pacific Service Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Jerry Lai / Mr. Harvey Wang
Tel: +853 2835 5663 (int. 271 / 105)

Tentative PRIZES


First Place in Service Robot -- $3,000 (tentative)

Second Place in Service Robot -- $1,500 (tentative)
Third Place in Service Robot -- $500 (tentative)

First Place in Manufacturing -- $3,000 (tentative)

Second Place in Manufacturing -- $1,500 (tentative)

Third Place in Manufacturing -- $500 (tentative)

First Place in Logistics -- $4,000 (tentative)

Second Place in Logistics -- $2,000 (tentative)
Third Place in Logistics -- $1,000 (tentative)


Competition Registration

Teams from academia and industry are equally welcome to participate. One person can only participate in one team. Each team cannot have more than 5 members (including the team leader). Each team will need to provide the following information to register:
1. A one-page description about your team. It should include the names of team members, their affiliations and contacts, who the team leader is, which track to participate, if bring a robotic arm or not, if need travel support or not, a brief description of the team's technology.
2. A short video to demonstrate the team's capability of participating in the competition.
-- For Service Robot and logistics Tracks, you are welcome to demonstrate your capability using the released example tasks and items.
-- For Manufacturing Track, you are encouraged to perform the task in the released Manufacturing Track Qualifier (Download it >>HERE<<). The components in the qualifier could be 3D printed out using the provided design (Download it >>HERE<<).

Each team must email the one-page description in PDF and a link to the video to yusun AT prior to the deadline.

Visa Information will be provided after the IROS Competition Registration.


Registration deadline:   July 25, 2019
Acceptance Announcement:   August 10, 2019

Schedule (tentative)

  • November 3, Preparation and Dry-Run
  • November 4 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Logistics Track Competition
  • November 5 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Service Track Competition
  • November 5 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Manufacturing Track Competition
  • November 6 9 am to 10:30 am, Room LG-R22, Wrap-up meeting


1. Cambridge Robotics, Service robot track
Team Leader: Dr. Josie Hughes (Cambridge University/MIT)
Team Members: Kieran Gilday (Cambridge University), Hugo Hadfield (Cambridge University), Michael Cheah (Cambridge University)

2. CASIA & Cothink, Hunan Manufacturing track
Team Leader: Gang Xiong
Team Members: Wei Li, Lulu Niu, Haijun Fu, Shichao Chen

3. CASIA & Feifan AI, Shandong´╝îManufacturing track and Service track
Team Leader: Zhigang Hou
Team Member: Yunhai Zhang, Huafei Cui, Baosheng Fang, Zengtao Qu

4. CASIA & Wenjing College, Yantai University, Service robot track
Team Leader: Bin Hu
Team Members: Zhonghao Zhang, Weibin Li, Tengfei Liu, Xiaohang Tang

5. ERL, Logistics track
Team Leader: Dr. Naresh Marturi (University of Birmingham in the UK)
Team Members: Dr. Valerio Ortenzi, Mr. Maxime Adjigble, Prof. Rustam Stolkin, Mr. Christopher Gell (University of Birmingham)

6. JAKS, logistics, service, and manufacturing tracks
Team Leader: Tokuo Tsuji (Kanazawa University)
Team Members: Testsuyou Watanabe (Kanazawa University), Yousuke Suzuki (Kanazawa University), Kimitoshi Yamazaki (Shinshu University)

7. New Dexterity - Human Artificial Intelligence, logistics, service, and manufacturing tracks
Team Leader: Dr. Minas Liarokapis (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Ruobing Yu, Anany Dwivedi, Geng Gao, Gal Gorjup (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

8. Robotic Materials, manufacturing track
Team Leader: James Watson (University of Colorado)
Team Member: Nikolaus Correll (University of Colorado and Robotic Materials Inc.)

9. SIAT-CIBS ROBOT, Logistics and service robot tracks
Team Leader: Prof. Yongsheng Ou (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese academy of Sciences)
Team Members: Jianghua Duan, Jiqing Li, Yangyang Qu, Guodong Liu, Yuanzhe Peng, and Zhiyang Wang (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese academy of Sciences)

10. THU-ROBOT, logistics and service robot tracks
Team Lead: Fuchun Sun (Tsinghua University)
Team Members: Huaping Liu, Bin Fang, Chao Yang, Mingxuan Jing (Tsinghua University)

Organizing Committee

Yu Sun (primary contact person)

University of South Florida

Calli, Berk

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Joseph Falco

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Juxi Leitner

Australian Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision (ACRV)

Maximo Roa

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Rong Xiong

Zhejiang University

Yasuyoshi Yokokohji

Kobe University