Cooking State Recognition Challenge Dataset

How were the data collected ?

Dataset images were collected from Google, using Vatic annotation tool and labelbox tool.
Class of states : whole, peeled, floured, sliced, diced, grated, julienne, juice, creamy, mixed, and other

How many dataset version we have so far ?

There are two versions of the datasets. Dataset version 1.0 and version 1.2.

Dataset version 1.2

Total number of images: 9309
Total number of classes: 11
Download: [download sample dataset]

dataset version 1.2
Figure: Class statistics of the dataset ver 1.2 [source]

dataset version 1.2
Figure: Example images from the dataset ver 1.2 [source]

Dataset version 1.0

Total number of images: 5978
Total number of classes: 7
Download: [download sample dataset]

dataset version 1.0
Figure: Class statistics of the dataset ver 1.0

How to get the datasets ?

To get the full datasets, you need to contact the following person with the full descriptions why do you need it.

Ahmad Babaeian Jelodar
Department of CSE, University of South Florida, United States

Cooking State Recognition Challenge Results

Results for Dataset version 1.0

Rank Name Class Accuracy Paper
01 Tianze Chen 0.80 Pending
02 Rahul Paul 0.77 Paper Link
03 Astha Sharma 0.76 Paper Link
04 Md Sirajus Salekin 0.67 Paper Link